Visual Guidance im 3D User Interface Design für mobile Augmented Reality Anwendungen

Visual Guidance in Mobile Augmented Reality Applications


Goal for this thesis was investigate and analyze user interfaces for Magic Lens applications in Augmented Reality.


With the technological progress of mobile devices, the availability of mobile AR apps is increasing. This development calls for a visually appealing and comprehensible control to ensure accessibility for the general public. The main objective of this master thesis was to research the impact of the interaction space of 3D user interfaces on the usability and user experience of a mobile AR application. Two approaches to manipulate a 3D model in an augmented space were implemented, based on user-centered design and principles of visual guidance. This quantitative empirical research compares a user interface in the screen space of the mobile device with the user interface in the object space of the 3D model. The results confirm an increase in efficiency and user experience with a three-dimensional user interface in object space.


This project was a collaboration with KIDS Interactive, Co-Supervisor was Dr. Alexander Kulik

Jessica Koch
Jessica Koch
Graduate Student

Working on novel interface using Augmented- and Virtual Reality